I…skipped my lunch to draw more dumb sibling babies….


Oh hey, I guess we’re allowed to post our Pokéstory submissions now. Neat. Pen on cardstock; coloured in Photoshop.

Sorry for the lack of updates this past month. Things have been rough lately. I do have a few SPOOKY-OOKY HALLOWEEN updates I wanna’ do though.

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My friend gave me an item in Flight Rising and when I asked what I could do for them in exchange, they wanted “Espurr and Honedge being creepy pokefriends”

Espurr…buddy…you can…stop….now…..


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Pokemayan Pokemons

Created by Monarobot

Commissions are open in the artist tumblr

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Assassin’s Creed Korea: The Land of Morning Calm - by Jason Kang

Artist Jason Kang has created an amazing concept for an Assassin’s Creed game, taking the Assassins to Asia, and he’s done it all on his own. Set in Korea during the Japanese Occupation through the course of the early 1900’s, Jason has created a multitude of character designs and beautiful concept art to showcase his story. You can read more about his process and the intricate story behind the concept on his blog.

His concept is thought out brilliantly, I would definitely love to see a game like this created. It’s set in a very tumultuous and interesting time in history, right before World War II, and the landscape and mood Jason has created in his concept is dramatic and beautiful. 10 out of 10 would play.

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Gaming Objects Poster Series by Jeff Langevin / Store

18” X 24” print, available HERE.

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I did it!! I’ve pixeled the entire first gen of pokemon, all 151. I’m really happy with how it’s come out! I’ve wanted to do this for AGES - turns out all I had to do was sit down and not stop until I reached mew.

I will be selling a limited print of the entire set as soon as the card I ordered gets here. Each one’ll be numbered out of however many I decide to print (definitely no more than 100!).

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