Cassette Labels

UK-based illustrator and graphic artist Neil Stevens has recently created a new series of posters that are based on the minimalist designs of cassette inlay labels. 


Chocolates With Attitude

“The personality is expressed through a unique quote, a unique design and a unique type of chocolate. The design differentiate the 12 personalities with a diverse and colorful use of typography and the small boxes are round like tiny hat boxes. The chocolate is created by Coca Luxery Chocolates from unique recipes. Everything was developed from the ground.”


How to Use FF Chartwell from FontFont on Vimeo.

FF Chartwell is a fantastic typeface for creating simple graphs. Using OpenType ligatures, strings of numbers are automatically transformed into charts. The visualized data remains editable, allowing for hassle-free updates and styling. This video screencast explains how it works. Further information:


Just finished posers, and I’m one of them.

Lets experiment with type, people.

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